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HMA-Developed MAT Training For Justice and Child Welfare Now Available Online

Focused on ongoing support and solutions for those living with opioid use disorder (OUD), Health Management Associates (HMA) has developed a robust web-based training program about addiction and its treatment in the criminal justice and child welfare systems, including access to, and continued use of, medications for addiction treatment (MAT).

Unlike any other program in the country, the County Touchpoints In Access To MAT For Justice-Involved Populations was developed hand-in-hand with seasoned, well-known leaders from justice and child welfare systems in order to develop customized, highly impactful training materials and modules. All training materials are provided free of charge on the project training website.

The video-based training modules and resources focus on educating justice and child welfare professionals about addiction as a chronic brain disease, effective medications to treat opioid addiction, and their roles in supporting recovery and sobriety for their clients by supporting the use of MAT.

HMA’s team of opioid and justice system experts, along with stakeholder champions, developed the nine modules, each suitable for providing internal training, and complete with a comprehensive training manual, facilitator’s guide, learning objectives, pre- and post-session questions, training videos, and supplemental materials.

This training is designed for public defenders, child welfare workers, district attorneys, probation officers, and judges in adult and youth/dependency courts. It is also appropriate for jail custody staff, jail health care and mental health providers, community leaders and local governance, and other justice and human service stakeholders.

The nine modules include:
Module 1. County Touchpoints Project Overview
Module 2. Addiction Neuroscience 101
Module 3. The Case for Treating Opioid Addiction in Justice and Human Service Settings
Module 4. MAT Medication: How They Work, For Whom, Implications for Use in Criminal Justice and Human Service Settings
Module 5. Overcoming Barriers to MAT
Module 6. Your Profession and MAT
Module 7. Funding for OUD Treatment in Your County (California-specific)
Module 8. Evidence-Based Treatment of Pregnant and Parenting Women with OUD
Module 9. Toxicology Testing for OUD in the Context of Justice and Child Welfare Approaches

This project was funded by the California Department of Health Care Services with federal State Opioid Response resources. All project materials may be utilized for the sole purpose of providing Opioid Use Disorder information. Such materials may be distributed with proper attribution, “From the California Department of Health Care Services, Health Management Associates, and California Health Policy Strategies.” To learn more about this project, visit the project website or contact [email protected]. Contact HMA at [email protected] to learn how HMA’s experts can work directly with your organization.