Cirdan Health Systems and Consulting

Cirdan Health Systems and Consulting: Data and actuarial expertise to help plans succeed in the Medicaid and Medicare markets.  

Cirdan Health Systems and Consulting, an HMA Company, is recognized as an expert in encounter data submissions for Medicaid and Medicare, as well as actuarial services for healthcare organizations. Founded in 2001, Cirdan has extensive experience working with health plans that serve Medicaid and Medicare members.   

As the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) continues to place more weight on encounter data to determine risk-adjusted payments, the accuracy of encounter data submission has become critical for successful Medicaid and Medicare programs. Cirdan’s deep expertise in this area has resulted in huge benefits for their clients, who experience an encounter claim rejection rate far below the national average, as well as improved consistency between their claims processing systems and encounter data submissions.

In addition to managing encounter data, Cirdan provides a broad range of other actuarial, financial and data management services to Medicare, Medicaid, and dual-eligible special needs health plans. They offer both ongoing actuarial support and project-based services.

Accurate data and risk assessment have never been more vital to the delivery of quality care to vulnerable populations. Cirdan’s detailed knowledge in this area will benefit our clients and give HMA an even deeper pool of resources on which to draw.