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Supporting your organization with state and local insights, across the U.S.

Sometimes the only way to know all the nuances and complexities of a publicly funded healthcare issue is to be a part of the community it affects. HMA State Connect gives our clients the benefit of this in-depth insider knowledge at the local level, state by state, by supporting you with state and local insights.

HMA has always had deep roots at the state level; our team members include former state Medicaid directors, policy advisors to governors, and state-based insurance marketplace executives. With HMA State Connect, we expanded the range and depth of our state and local insights by working with expert local partners. This expanded coverage means that we now have on-the-ground intel and resources across the United States, giving you the kind of information you just can’t get from research reports or Internet searches.

The local resources available through HMA State Connect can benefit a wide range of clients in the publicly funded healthcare space, including (but not limited to):

  • Health plans
  • Providers
  • State officials
  • Charitable foundations
  • Patient advocate organizations


Report examines the value of community behavioral health providers and their networks

How our insider knowledge leads to outstanding results.

Through HMA State Connect, our state and local experts help answer questions and find valuable data on many topics, allowing you to craft smarter healthcare strategies.

Here are a few typical scenarios in which our state and local insights could benefit our clients:

  • A charitable foundation is considering a new grant opportunity and wants to know more about healthcare policy and the political landscape in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho. They call their HMA consultant, and through HMA State Connect, they get in-depth answers from our experts on the ground in all four states.
  • To create a marketing strategy for their midwestern health plan, company researchers need Medicare and Medicaid enrollment numbers for the state of Ohio, county by county. We contact our Ohio state-level expert and get both the numbers and the context surrounding them.
  • A patient advocate organization needs to know more about how the Freedom of Information Act works in California. They contact their HMA consultant, and through HMA State Connect, our California expert finds everything they need to know and more.
  • State officials from a New England state need more information about Medicare enrollment and best practices in neighboring states. Through HMA State Connect, HMA is able to provide data on overall Medicare enrollment, Medicare Advantage plan enrollment, hospital composition, and basic spending use patterns for each state, and even county by county.

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