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HMA helps organizations prioritize, identify, win, and implement grant funding

Grants from both government and foundations can be an essential component of a provider’s growth strategy. Every year billions of dollars are distributed to support program growth, quality improvement, training, and other essential needs. HMA works with a wide variety of healthcare clients, including Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs), community-based organizations, hospitals, provider practices, behavioral health, and managed care organizations.

How HMA can help

HMA’s Grant Prospector is a subscription service that provides clients with a customized and curated list of grant opportunities. Finding the right opportunities and applying for grants that are aligned with your organization’s strategic growth interests can be an essential catalyst for organizational development, service continuum growth, and quality improvements. HMA’s Grant Prospector monitors over 200 government agencies and nearly 100 foundations and sends appropriate opportunities to subscribers weekly.

HMA’s experience has taught us that grants can be a wonderful way to grow an organization if (and only if) the organization is strategic about what grants it pursues and what services it uses grant funding to build. Your strategy should guide your grant pursuits, not the other way around. HMA can help your organization devise a strategy for organizational growth using grants as a catalyst for long-term sustainability.

HMA’s deep pool of grant writers enables us to assign teams with precision, ensuring our clients have access to specific relevant expertise. HMA’s grant writing services are most valuable when a provider needs help designing a program model, complying with complex grant requirements, and navigating strategic challenges in grant writing.

During the 2023 round of CCBHC expansion grants, HMA clients invested $956,000 in HMA grant-writing support. Those clients won 20 awards totaling $80,000,000, for a return on investment of 8,272%.

For clients who prefer to write their own grants, HMA can provide subject matter expertise to enable strategic decision-making and program design. HMA consultants can join early calls to help the client design a program model that complies with the grant requirements, ensures operational sustainability, and addresses the complexities of the procurement.

For clients who prefer to write their own grant applications, HMA can provide a mock scoring service. HMA’s reviewers provide a detailed review and score for the submission, enabling the client to identify any place where points are likely to be deducted. We advise sending a draft to HMA at least a week or two before the application is due so that HMA’s feedback can be integrated before submission.

Many grant applications require a detailed assessment of the community’s need for the services being funded. Our experts can help gather both quantitative data and qualitative stakeholder input to ensure that the client’s grant application targets the populations, communities, and gaps in service for which grant funds will be most impactful.

HMA’s accounting and actuarial colleagues can provide budget and cost report development support when the demands of a grant application outstrip the capabilities and/or bandwidth of the client’s finance team.

Many grants come with complex implementation and reporting challenges. HMA’s experts have the benefit of the experience of hundreds of grant implementations, which enables us to help our clients comply with myriad implementation and reporting requirements. HMA’s project managers help our clients ensure that grants get implemented on time, on budget, and in compliance with funders’ requirements.

HMA has a team of experienced program evaluators who help our clients implement with fidelity, assess impact and outcomes, and comply with grant evaluation requirements. Our evaluators are facile with program outcome data as well as the demands of rigorous stakeholder input.

Reach out to our experts for more information on how HMA can help your organization’s grant and funding strategies.

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