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Webinar Replay: Value Propositions and Roadmaps for Integrating Children’s Behavioral Health and Medicaid with Child Welfare Systems

This held on July 15, 2021, was the seventh webinar in the series “Exploring the Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare,” covering the growing impact of behavioral healthcare on clinical outcomes and cost.

The success of the delivery of state and local child welfare systems is predicated on a strong collaboration across child welfare, children’s behavioral health and Medicaid, building a multigenerational, multisystem response to the problem of child maltreatment. During this webinar, HMA behavioral health, child welfare and Medicaid experts broke down what’s needed to get the integration process started, including a practical approach to workflows as well as an understanding of the touchpoints where integration efforts are likely to have their biggest payoff.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how child welfare services departments currently interact with the behavioral health service continuum.
  • Learn how to build value by identifying areas where the intersection of child welfare, Medicaid and children’s behavioral health helps improve outcomes and mitigate risk.
  • Identify potential barriers to integration efforts.
  • Learn how other states have applied solutions and strategies aimed at better integrating child welfare systems, Medicaid, and children’s behavioral health.
  • Learn about financing infrastructures that support meaningful whole family approaches to improving protective factors and strengthening family resilience.

HMA Speakers:

Uma Ahluwalia, MSW, MHA, Managing Principal, Washington, DC
Annalisa Baker, MPH, LCSW, Senior Consultant, New York, NY
Caitlin Thomas-Henkel, MSW, Principal, Philadelphia, PA
Heidi Arthur, MSW, Principal, New York, NY


Meet our HMA speakers

Uma Ahluwalia

Uma Ahluwalia, MSW, MHA

Managing Principal
Baltimore, MD
Annalisa Baker

Annalisa Baker, MPH, LCSW

Associate Principal
New York, NY
Heidi Arthur

Heidi Arthur, LMSW

New York, NY