Health, Access and Equity for Disconnected Populations

Disconnected Populations…. Improving access for those who need it most.

Even the best healthcare is worthless to those who can’t access it. And access can be especially difficult for the most vulnerable members of a community, including recent immigrants, refugees, and survivors of human trafficking or domestic violence—those considered disconnected populations.

We believe the strength of our health system as a whole depends on our ability to provide access to  populations like these. So Health Management Associates have gathered the resources and expertise to help these populations—and the communities in which they live—find better futures. Our resources for disconnected populations include:

  • Creating toolkits that provide communities with resources and help them connect with organizations that can build programs and lend expertise
  • Disseminating best practices that build on the experience of innovative communities and help spread knowledge and solutions
  • Building assessment tools that can help plans and providers identify survivors of domestic violence and other populations that depend on publicly funded services
  • Conducting training for healthcare providers to ensure they’re sensitive to the needs of these populations and have the tools to provide the right solutions

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