Health Performance Accelerator

In recognition of the critical role that consulting services combined with information technology (IT) play in the successful implementation of many healthcare initiatives, Health Management Associates (HMA) and HealthEC collaborated on solutions designed to achieve and accelerate improvements in healthcare service delivery and related outcomes. We refer to these consulting and IT solutions collectively as HEALTH PERFORMANCE ACCELERATOR.

The Accelerator solutions are designed to help clients address needs in the following areas:

Health Equity

Improve the health and well-being of disadvantaged populations through tailored programs and data-based interventions

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Communicable Disease Outbreak Management

Improve the management of communicable disease outbreaks

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Supports to Small/Midsize Health Plans

Provide robust business supports to small and midsize health plans, particularly community-based plans

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VBP Contract Supports

Improve a provider-led entity’s ability to successfully engage in payment arrangements that optimize quality and value

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MCO/ACO Performance Management

Improve a state Medicaid agency’s ability to manage the performance of managed care organizations (MCOs) and provider-led entities engaged in value-based payment (VBP) arrangements

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HHS Services & Data Integration

Enable state health and human services agencies to implement service coordination initiatives through the integration of client and provider data from multiple programs

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Opioids Program Supports

Improve the design and management of opioid use disorder (OUD) programs

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