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Policy and operational implications of the Change Healthcare cyberattack

This week, our second In Focus explores a new Issue Brief published by Leavitt Partners, a Health Management Associates, Inc. (HMA) Company, which addresses the February 21, 2024, cyberattack on Change Healthcare. The cyberattack is one of the most significant on the healthcare industry and has had short-term effects on the entire healthcare sector, with potential for longer-term impacts across the industry.  

Because of the ransomware attack, more than 100 applications were taken offline, preventing medical professionals from conducting out many patient-facing activities, including filling prescriptions, managing care plans, and performing prior authorization checks. Six weeks after the crippling cyberattack on Change Healthcare, some systems are still only partially operational and many claims remain unpaid. This situation has disrupted patient access to care and placed significant financial strain on providers. 

Change Healthcare is maintaining a daily status report on operations here:  In addition, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) provided the following resources for providers to work with payers directly:   

With billions of dollars in loans and advance payments already disbursed and ongoing investigations into Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) violations, the healthcare industry is bracing for long-term impact, while the Administration and Congress are just beginning to act. Leavitt Partners experts, an HMA Company, is monitoring and analyzing the impacts on payers and providers, as well as current and future policy implications.  

For more information and to obtain in-depth issue briefs, including “Cyberattacks: Health Care Industry Impacts and the Federal Response,” contact Mark Marciante and Ryan Howells.

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