Government Medical Programs & The Uninsured

Government Medical Programs & The Uninsured: Turning complexity into opportunity.

Medicaid, Medicare and the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) cover over 100 million low-income, elderly and disabled people at a cost of over a trillion dollars a year. The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has led to significant increases in both public and private insurance coverage. And yet, 32 million people are still uninsured.

HMA has in-depth expertise developing, implementing and evaluating publicly funded healthcare programs. We know government medical programs, such as  Medicaid, Medicare and CHIP inside and out, and we have extensive experience working with state and federal agencies, health plans, foundations and other stakeholders interested in helping public programs improve access, quality and cost containment.

Our team of experts comes from top positions in government, health plans, foundations and community-based organizations. We have first-hand experience navigating the complexities of federal and state regulations and identifying new reform opportunities. Our expertise includes:

  • Conducting studies of the uninsured and underinsured
  • Modeling policy options for states seeking to change payment or healthcare delivery
  • Supporting stakeholder engagement
  • Exploring law changes to state Medicaid and CHIP programs
  • Preparing SIM grant applications
  • Evaluating state programs, business processes and IT needs
  • Assessing options for eligibility, enrollment and retention solutions

Whether you’re a funder or provider of services to these underserved populations, our depth of experience in government medical programs can help you make the most of government programs.

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