The Uninsured

The Uninsured: Improving lives for 30 million Americans.

It’s estimated that more than 30 million formerly uninsured Americans now have access to health coverage, whether through Medicaid expansion or health insurance marketplaces. It’s good news for the uninsured and a great opportunity for health plans and providers. But it also comes with a complex new set of programs and options including tax credits, purchasing pools and expansion of existing public programs.

Our team of experts comes from top positions in government, health plans and other key areas. They can help your team turn challenges into results by identifying new partners and new ideas. With knowledge drawn from the front lines of health reform, we can provide the analysis and ideas to drive smooth rollouts of new coverage methods, payment systems, community programs and more. Our expertise includes:

  • Designing and implementing coverage reforms and expansion
  • Analyzing policy options and providing pro/con reports
  • Forecasting implementation costs using econometric models
  • Devising new funding sources and strategies
  • Working with communities to develop and implement new coverage options
  • Building pharmacy plans and formularies
  • Ensuring compliance with state and federal requirements

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