State Innovation Models Initiative

The State Innovation Models (SIM) Initiative provides financial and technical support that helps states test new payment and care delivery models. It’s an important tool that can help states improve health system performance, increase quality of care and decrease costs.

The HMA team has the expertise to help states receive maximum benefit from the SIM initiative, from initial development of State Innovation Model Design and Model Testing to implementation of improvements at health systems, providers, payers and others. We’re also experts at engaging stakeholders and bringing the right people to the table to gain buy-in and provide technical know-how. Our expertise in state innovation models includes:

  • Transforming practices to better align with goals and coordinate more efficiently with other players in the process
  • Integrating improvements into a clinical setting to ensure that new ideas translate into day-to-day improvements
  • Using data analytics to improve efficiency, enhance accountability and measure success
  • Designing alternative payment models that can improve efficiency and reduce costs
  • Identifying workforce gaps and providing training to ensure that employees have the skills to implement new models
  • Identifying and implementing IT innovations to help healthcare players take advantage of the latest technological advances and turn information into a more powerful resource
  • Quantifying results by designing and implementing improved quality tools and metrics
  • Aligning with state and federal innovations to disseminate knowledge and avoid duplication of efforts

We’ve helped states across the country design delivery systems that improve quality and add value for industry players, stakeholders and patients alike.

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