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Implementation Accelerator: leadership training through application 

The healthcare industry is constantly evolving and requires a workforce that is responsive and able to lead and adapt to changes. Healthcare professionals are continually asked to incorporate new services, care models, quality measures, and process improvements into daily work. 

While clinical innovations and operational improvements are promising, there is growing recognition of the gap between plans to implement them and actual implementation. 

HMA has extensive leadership, operational, and clinical expertise working directly with health systems, health plans, providers, foundations, community-based organizations, and associations adopt implementation science informed approaches for successful change. 

Drawing on this experience, we developed the HMA Implementation Accelerator, a leadership development framework that utilizes implementation science to address on-the-ground challenges and lead successful implementation efforts. 

The importance of leadership is noted in just about every discussion of implementation. The absence of leadership support is a well-documented barrier, and success is attributed to the presence of leadership support.

– Active Implementation Research Network

HMA Implementation Accelerator


Leadership development

Build knowledge, skills, and abilities and apply them to implementation

Change agent engagement and development

Identify formal and informal leaders to inform, support and influence engagement

Implementation approach training

Build knowledge and skills critical to successful implementation


Project management

Develop or enhance structures and approach to guide implementation

Continuous improvement and critical feedback

Integrate structures and practices that facilitate continuous improvement, sustain momentum, and highlight critical adaptation

Communication planning

Plan and deploy intentional, pro-active communication strategies to effectively guide and support implementation

Tool development

Identify, develop, and deploy tools that support effective implementation and create efficiencies for implementation teams

Sustainability planning

Pro-actively plan for sustainability from outset


Executive sponsorship

Engage and activate sponsorships for critical support and resources

Align implementation with mission

Connect implementation efforts to a larger “why” in alignment with mission

What’s included

Conceptual framework to guide implementation process

Strategies to develop effective sponsorship at the executive or senior leadership level to mitigate barriers and resource effort

Leadership skill development at the level of implementation

Processes to enhance effective ownership and commitment at all levels

Prioritization of change initiatives

Clear accountability of actions in implementation

Continuous quality improvement as part of implementation

Sustainability planning from the start

Research shows that successful leadership development occurs when the learning can be directly applied to active work processes, which aligns with how adults learn most effectively.

Through the Implementation Accelerator, we use a combination of interactive training, peer learning, and coaching to support hands-on learning. The integration of leadership development and implementation science provides a robust opportunity to develop and sustain leadership skills and develop an organizational methodology to guide both current and future implementation efforts.

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