Health Insurance Marketplaces

Adapt and thrive in today’s evolving Health Insurance Marketplaces.

Because Health Insurance Marketplaces have become a core component of each state’s health insurance landscape, HMA has developed a suite of enhanced supports for health plans, providers, and states. Our team of dedicated Health Insurance Marketplace experts can help you evaluate strategies to improve the customer experience and affordability of offerings, achieve efficiencies in the overall management of IT systems, and respond to new state and federal policy developments. From policy analysis and development to program design and implementation, our consultants can help you face challenges and seize new opportunities presented by evolving marketplaces. 

Together, we’ll make the Marketplace work better for everyone.

With connections between Marketplace and other health insurance programs strengthening, our experts bring a multi-disciplinary approach to solving complex issues. They provide essential services such as:

  • Market stability analysis: Evaluating markets for both states and plans
  • Design and execution of state initiatives: Helping states transfer from federal marketplace models to state-based marketplace models 
  • Evaluation of state business processes and IT needs: Pinpointing waysto improve customer experiences and seamlessly connect with other public insurance programs
  • Writing and implementation of marketplace 1332 waivers: Assisting with waivers for reinsurance or other affordability programs
  • Design and assessment: Creating and evaluating the best options for eligibility, enrollment, and customer service solutions
  • State-specific studies: Researching the current, enrolled population as well as the uninsured and underinsured for those eligible for coverage through marketplaces
  • Assessment and execution of Qualified Health Plan (QHP) opportunities: Evaluating the implications and assisting in the implementation of offering Qualified Health Plans (QHPs) through the marketplaces
  • Stakeholder engagement and consumer outreach

Meet some of our health insurance marketplace experts.

Our team of health insurance marketplace consultants are ready to support clients in all aspects of health coverage access and affordability initiatives in the individual, small, and large group fully insured markets.

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