CBO Capacity Assessment Tool

Community-Based Organization (CBO) Capacity Assessment Tool

The Community-Based Organization (CBO) Capacity Assessment Tool is a powerful, web-based self-assessment. It yields both an individual report for each CBO and an aggregate “system of care” report, for multiple CBOs utilizing the tool within a targeted region.

The resulting report will inform CBOs and healthcare organizations about the value CBOs offer in addressing shared goals related to health equity. When provided to CBOs throughout a targeted geographic area, it offers a local snapshot of CBO services, populations served, and cultural and linguistic capacity.

When utilized by an individual CBO, the CBO Capacity Assessment Tool will help your Community Based Organization:

  • Identify the value the CBO might offer to healthcare partners in terms of services to address the social determinants of health, outreach and engagement to special needs populations, cultural and linguistic capacity, training capacity, and more
  • Highlight the capacity and infrastructure needed by the CBO to effectively engage in healthcare partnerships of all kinds

When offered to a group of CBOs by a Healthcare system or payer, the CBO Capacity Assessment Tool will provide each potential CBO partner with the insights indicated above, plus it will provide the delivery system of payer with an aggregate “snap-shot report” regarding the local CBO system of care that identifies:

  • CBO services, populations, geographies and settings reached by local CBOs
  • CBO-identified service options to extend care in the community, promote wellness, engage those in need, etc.
  • Opportunities for referrals and/or contracted services from CBOs with managed care, primary care, behavioral health providers, or hospitals within targeted communities, sectors, or identified populations
  • CBO capacity and infrastructure strengths and needs

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