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Engagement with community-based organizations key to achieving health equity & wellness for Medicaid populations

A new issue brief from AcademyHealth, in partnership with Health Management Associates (HMA) and the Disability Policy Consortium (DPC), showcases the vital role that community-based organizations (CBOs) can play in advancing health equity and wellness for individuals and communities in Medicaid payment and care delivery system reform.

The brief provides five key lessons from CBOs in New York City and reactions to those lessons from CBOs in Massachusetts. Together, these perspectives provide a compelling case to elevate the role of CBOs in reform.

The authors, including HMA’s Ellen Breslin and Heidi Arthur, call for the development of a National Blueprint for Advancing Health Equity Through Community-Based Organizations to facilitate greater cross-sector collaboration between CBOs and HCOs.

Read the full brief here or on the AcademyHealth website.

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