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Nursing home report highlights benefits of single resident rooms

The COVID-19 pandemic highlighted nursing home safety and infection control as critical public health issues. A new report authored by HMA colleagues found compelling evidence that single rooms in nursing homes have numerous benefits for both public health and residents’ experience. The authors conclude that transitioning from multi-resident rooms to single rooms should be a component of person-centered nursing home reform. The report calls on stakeholders to come to the table to discuss options and strategies for long-term care redesign and transformation.

The report, Fundamental Nursing Home Reform: Evidence on Single-Resident Rooms to Improve Personal Experience and Public Health, was developed for a Michigan-based long-term care provider and owner of skilled nursing facilities.

HMA colleagues Sharon Silow-Carroll, MBA, MSWDeborah Peartree, RN, MS, Susan Tucker, CPA, and Anh Pham conducted the research and analysis and prepared this report.  An appendix prepared by the national accounting firm Plante Moran provides estimates of new costs and other considerations related to transitioning to single-resident rooms, based on data from two Michigan-based multi-facility long-term care organizations.