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Leading ideas and solutions for long-term services and supports

Dedicated to supporting the effectiveness of publicly financed healthcare programs, Health Management Associates (HMA) is committed to promoting the design, financing and operation of effective models of person-centered long-term services and supports (LTSS) which:

Support an individual’s ability to receive services in the most integrated setting

Promote successful community living

Improve integration of LTSS with quality physical and behavioral healthcare

Support Medicare and Medicaid integration and coordination

Address the social determinants of health for people with support needs

Support direct care workforce initiatives for states, managed care organizations and long-term care providers

Support strategic planning focused on long-term care

Support managed care readiness initiatives

What we offer

With deep expertise in the field, our colleagues and the work we do help to shape current system trends. In addition, we support improved outcomes for beneficiaries and successful participation for the wide range of LTSS providers including managed care organizations, states offering critical services, and purchasers through:

LTSS Models of Care

Developing and promoting person-centered integrated, and holistic LTSS models of care

LTSS Quality Standards

Supporting the development of LTSS quality standards and metrics, including technical assistance for NCQA and other accreditation and credentialing

LTSS Regulatory Compliance

Facilitating readiness and compliance with federal and state regulations, including home and community-based settings of care, Medicaid managed care, the Fair Labor Standards Act, and the Americans with Disabilities Act

LTSS Integration

Implementing care management and service delivery models that promote integration of services across physical, behavioral, and LTSS providers and between Medicare and Medicaid including those developed under PACE, managed LTSS, and managed fee-for-service

LTSS Stakeholder Engagement

Supporting effective community engagement by public policy makers, and empowering advocacy organizations and other stakeholders in understanding, shaping, and responding to change

LTSS Delivery and Payment Models

Assisting organizations and providers to prepare and respond to payment and structural changes in LTSS (e.g., managed care, accountable care, value-based purchasing)

LTSS and Social Determinants Design

Designing innovative approaches to addressing the social determinants of health, including improved strategies for affordable and accessible housing, competitive employment for persons with disabilities, access to technology, and social equity-based care delivery models

LTSS Market Analysis

Providing expert market analysis for investors relating to LTSS providers, managed care organizations, service vendors, or emerging trends in the LTSS landscape

LTSS Research and Evaluation

Enabling the use of data to uncover opportunities for improvement and to demonstrate value to ACOs, hospital systems, payers, and funders

Our wide-ranging expertise includes:

Medicaid LTSS waiver and state plan authority options

Operation and oversight of managed LTSS

Public procurements

LTSS provider operations

Federal and state compliance

Care management and care coordination

Workforce development

Strategic planning and practice redesign

LTSS policy analysis

Value-based purchasing

Quality monitoring, evaluation and research

Community capacity and network adequacy

Readiness reviews

Our Clients Include:

Federal, state and local governments

For-profit, not-for-profit and public health plans

Institutional and home and community-based services providers and their associations

National, state and local advocacy organizations

National and regional foundations

Direct care workforce representatives

Investment services entities

Contact our experts:

Sharon Lewis

Sharon Lewis


Sharon Lewis is a nationally lauded expert in federal and state disability policy, including home and community-based services (HCBS), education, … Read more
Susan McGeehan

Susan McGeehan

Associate Principal

Susan McGeehan is a multi-faceted healthcare leader with extensive experience in dual eligible programs, long-term services and supports (LTSS), Medicaid … Read more