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Star Rating: We Can Help You Navigate to a Higher Level

What is the VALUE of a Star in your plan(s)?

What initiatives have you introduced to prepare for the changes in the Star Rating that may impact your overall Star Rating results?

What are you doing for health equity focus? What data are you collecting for health equity?

What do you think are your organization’s financial implications when Star Rating requirements change?

What are your Star Rating strategies for increasing your organization’s market share and viability?

What sort of interventions, data sources, analytics and reporting have you found to be successful to improving your Star Rating?


Establishing a year-around effort to improve Star Rating performance

Assessing core functions within the plan and contractors that contribute to understanding members

Identifying and addressing customer concerns with providers and plans before they become problematic

Leveraging information technology to make websites more user friendly

Addressing care and service gaps to ensure member outreach is calibrated and tailored throughout the year

Working on health equity issues including sharing techniques for obtaining data

Leveraging all data and intervention efforts (such as risk and quality) to drive decision and focus

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