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Webinar replay: connecting community partners to improve transitions of care

This webinar was held on June 15, 2023.

HMA’s webinar series, 1115 Medicaid Justice Demonstration Waivers: Bridging Healthcare, focused on helping stakeholders optimize the continuity of care for persons in carceral settings and during their transition back to the community.

Part 3 focused on optimizing key partnerships before, during and after transition from a carceral setting into the community to ensure the best outcomes for individuals eligible for 1115 approved waiver services.

Learning Objectives:

  • Health Assessments and Transition Planning: Understand the health and resource needs of returning citizens (health, behavioral health and social issues).
  • Collaboration with Community Providers: Identify key partners and formalize collaborations to strengthen the quality of transitions care and support provided to individuals transitioning to the community.
  • Insurance Enrollment Strategies: Develop Medicaid enrollment strategies that apply to your state and local framework.

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Rich VandenHeuvel

Rich VandenHeuvel

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