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Webinar replay: How behavioral health organizations can strategically leverage public, private grants

This webinar was held on September 29, 2022. 

Behavioral health organizations are benefitting from unprecedented access to public and private grant funding. But there are significant risks to simply “chasing funds,” such as mission drift and increased staff burnout within an already overburdened workforce. During this webinar, speakers from HMA and LAPA Fundraising outlined concrete steps behavioral health organizations can take to ensure they are pursuing the type of grants that support their overall mission.

Join us to:

  • Garner strategies and approaches for successfully winning grant dollars
  • Obtain an overview of current and upcoming funding opportunities that behavioral health agencies can use to build capacity and better serve their communities
  • Understand the tools and tactics organizations need to enhance their ability to attract both public and private grants
  • Develop a long-term strategy for diversifying agency funding for use in both growing existing behavioral health programs and seeding new and innovative initiatives


Kristan McIntosh, Principal, HMA
Jessica Williams, Managing Director of Grants, LAPA Fundraising