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1 - 2 p.m. EST

Launching a Successful Medicare Advantage Plan: Key Strategic, Product, and Operational Considerations

A growing number of health systems and Managed Care Organizations (MCOs) are moving to become Medicare Advantage plans. The launch of a Medicare Advantage plan can transition a health system to value-based payments and ensure a steady revenue stream.  MCOs can serve a broader and complementary base of members with a Medicare Advantage HMO or a Special Needs Plan. However, launching a Medicare Advantage plan is a complex undertaking, requiring clear organizational intent and a well thought-out product and infrastructural strategy to navigate the regulatory environment and manage the population.

During this webinar, HMA expert Mary Hsieh will discuss what is required to launch a successful Medicare Advantage plan, with a special focus on product and pricing strategies as well as key infrastructural and operational considerations.

Learning Objectives

  • Identify the driving factors that affect the pricing of the products and pricing trends.
  • Determine the type of Medicare Advantage plan you should launch based on your organization’s strategic intent.
  • Evaluate product design considerations, including optional supplemental benefits such as fitness, dental, vision, transportation and meals.
  • Create the operational infrastructure needed for a successful Medicare Advantage plan.

HMA Speakers
Mary Hsieh, PharmD MPH, Principal, Atlanta

Who Should Attend
Executives of health systems, physician practices, FQHCs, SNFs, and other provider organizations; executives of Medicaid managed care plans; Medicaid directors and staff.