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Webinar Replay: Leveraging Your SAMHSA Certified Community Behavioral Health Center Grant

This webinar, held on August 18, 2021, was the ninth webinar in the series “Exploring the Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare,” covering the growing impact of behavioral healthcare on clinical outcomes and cost.

Winning a SAMHSA Certified Community Behavioral Health Center (CCBHC) grant is just the beginning.  Now the real work beings. During this webinar, SAMHSA grant experts and a previous grant winner provided a step-by-step guide to implementing and leveraging CCBHC grants for maximum results. Speakers addressed the key steps to achieving CCBHC certification, meeting SAMHSA grantee requirements, and strategically building toward sustainability beyond the two-year grant period.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn what makes the CCBHC grant opportunity unique.
  • Understand the activities and processes needed to help ensure a successful implementation.
  • Find out how to develop strategies that support long-term sustainability.
  • Obtain case studies and lessons learned from a previous CCBHC grantee.


Heidi Arthur, Principal, HMA, New York, NY

Kristan McIntosh, Senior Consultant, HMA, New York, NY

Melissa Jillson, Senior Director, Liberty Resources Inc., Syracuse, NY

Liz Krell, Assistant Director of Process Optimization, Liberty Resources Inc., Syracuse, NY