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Webinar Replay: Opioid Treatment Eco-Systems: A New Way Forward for Understanding, Addressing the Opioid Crisis

This webinar was held on February 13, 2019 and was the first webinar in a series about addressing the opioid crisis in America.

No one questions the terrible impact opioid abuse has had on America – a grim tally measured in overdoses, dependency, broken families, and soaring health care costs. Less understood is how we got here, and the best way forward. Even as the federal government prepares to invest billions of dollars in battling opioids, important questions remain concerning the most effective way of organizing a complete eco-system of care to tackle this problem.

During this webinar, nationally recognized addiction expert and HMA Principal Corey Waller, MD, discusses how the historical structure of the nation’s approach to addiction treatment hampers progress on opioid addition. Dr. Waller also identifies pathways at the state, provider, and health plan level for fostering an effective opioid treatment eco-system.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn how the historical decision to treat addiction separately from mainstream medicine has resulted in significant barriers to battling the opioid crisis.
  2. Understand the importance of identifying and adhering to a proven body of evidence-based protocols for overdose and addiction treatment, ensuring that patients receive a consistent and coordinated response from providers, hospitals, emergency rooms, and the criminal justice system.
  3. Quantify the true cost of the opioid crisis, which includes not just the cost of addiction and overdose treatment, but also the added costs associated with HIV, hepatitis C, foster care, criminal justice, and neonatal care.
  4. Get a preview of other opioid treatment-related topics to be covered in this webinar series, including primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment strategies; building treatment access and capacity; and understanding the role of health plans, local community organizations, and correctional health.

HMA Speakers

  • Corey Waller, MD, Principal (Lansing)

Who Should Listen

Executives of Medicaid managed care organizations and behavioral health plans; clinical and administrative leaders of provider organizations, health systems, substance abuse treatment facilities, correctional health facilities, federally qualified health centers, and other provider organizations; state and local public health, Medicaid, and addiction officials and staff.