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Webinar Replay: Practical Approaches to Supervising Behavioral Health Staff Working Remotely or in Hybrid Settings

This webinar was held on June 15, 2021. It was the fifth webinar in the series Exploring the Landscape of Behavioral Healthcare, covering the growing impact of behavioral healthcare on clinical outcomes and cost.

Behavioral health staff face new challenges, anxiety, and risk of burnout as they attempt to deliver the best care possible to clients in care settings impacted by the pandemic. That’s true whether staff members work remotely or in emerging hybrid environments in which care is provided both virtually and face-to-face. Supervisors play a critical role in helping staff work through stressful logistical, clinical, and even personal situations so that the focus remains on the client.

During this webinar, HMA behavioral health experts offered practical approaches to managing staff in both virtual and hybrid settings, helping to ensure staff members remain productive, appreciated, supported, and focused on improving client outcomes.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how the stresses of the pandemic, including social distancing, loss, and the challenges of staying connected to friends and family, have impacted the mental health of clients and providers.
  • Identify practical approaches to remote staff supervision, including huddles, group and individual supervision, and tactics for successful conference calls.
  • Learn how supervisors and staff can work together to manage work/life boundaries, especially given the need to oversee staff working in a combination of settings, including the home, and the complexities of vaccination disclosure.


Deb Peartree, Senior Consultant, Albany, NY

Annalisa Baker, Senior Consultant, HMA, New York City