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1 - 2pm ET

The Future of the Affordable Care Act (ACA): Implications of November’s Elections and a Supreme Court Decision

After the November 3 elections, the political landscape will shift as the composition of the next administration, Congress and many state legislatures and governors’ offices begins to take shape. If President Trump is reelected, his administration will position to govern for another four years. If former Vice President Joe Biden is elected, his campaign will accelerate transition planning and prepare actions to implement change immediately upon inauguration. At the same time, on November 10, the Supreme Court is scheduled to hear oral arguments regarding the continued validity of the Affordable Care Act.

The presidential, congressional and state elections, and the Supreme Court’s decision, will drive the future of the ACA and health care coverage in the U.S. While any significant change will take time to implement, uncertainty will require action and planning from all health care stakeholders as they navigate the emerging scenarios and position for future shifts.

During this webinar, HMA and Dentons will discuss the specific pathways that change could take. Specifically:

  • What impact could the Supreme Court’s decision have on the ACA, and what is the expected timing of this decision?
  • What impact could the November election results have on the Supreme Court’s decision?
  • What immediate actions should stakeholders expect for Marketplace and Medicaid coverage as a result of the November elections?
  • If Democrats gain control of the White House and Congress, how will Democrats implement campaign pledges, for example to create a public option and expand Medicare to those ages 60 to 65?
  • How will the future direction of the ACA impact other health care coverage?
  • How would Medicare be affected by the ACA decision and the results of the November elections?
  • How should specific health care stakeholder groups (e.g., consumers and patients, health plans, delivery systems, states) respond and prepare for changes?


Jonathan (Jon) Blum, MPP, Vice President, Federal Policy and Managing Director, Medicare, HMA

Bruce Merlin Fried, Partner, Dentons’ Health Care Practice

Charles Luband, Partner, Dentons’ Health Care Practice

Kathleen Nolan, Regional Vice President, HMA