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Webinar Replay: 21st Century LTSS – A Roadmap

On September 23, 2015, HMA Information Services hosted the webinar, “21st Century LTSS – A Roadmap to Improved Outcomes, Lower Costs and Better Lives for Individuals with Complex Healthcare Needs.”

There is an urgent need for health plans, accountable care organizations, and providers to integrate LTSS into their overall concept of person-centered care for individuals with complex needs. Being responsive to the needs of consumers in an effective manner requires a fresh conceptualization of LTSS, one that will provide the flexibility needed to deliver person-centered care in a manner that improves overall quality of life while bending the cost curve through reduction of unnecessary hospital use. This means leveraging LTSS touch points at the community level, proactively identifying member needs, and linking individuals to appropriate community-based care before an emergency room visit or hospitalization is necessary.

During this webinar, HMA Senior Consultant Ellen Breslin, and Dennis Heaphy, policy expert with Disability Policy Consortium and chairman of the Massachusetts One Care Implementation Council, explore how payers and providers can work together to create financial incentives and protocols that drive 21st Century LTSS.

Listen to the recording and:

  • Understand how to leverage LTSS to build a robust primary care prevention strategy by relying on community health workers to help identify the healthcare needs of individuals with complex conditions.
  • Learn how to align provider incentives with patient needs by pursuing a value-based purchasing strategy that creates a direct link between payments and consumer-defined outcomes.
  • Find out how risk adjustment models for LTSS can help fine-tune provider reimbursements and improve payment accuracy.
  • Identify strategies to improve the overall integration of LTSS into the delivery of person-centered care, including granting providers greater authority to streamline the authorization process.

The slide deck for this webinar can be retrieved by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button below.