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Webinar Replay: Emerging Tools and Technology for Consumer Engagement

On October 15, 2015, HMA Information Services hosted the webinar, “Emerging Tools and Technology for Consumer Engagement in Health Care.”  

Consumer engagement in health care through the use of electronic tools and technology is more than just a trend. Payers are funding the rollout of consumer engagement tools in hopes of increasing the quality of care, improving outcomes and reducing costs. It’s also imperative for providers who wish to receive incentive payments for meeting federal meaningful use guidelines. 

During this webinar, Matt McGeorge and Jean Glossa of HMA’s Health Care IT Advisory Services team outline the current trends in consumer engagement tools and technology, including the key drivers of adoption, the latest innovations, and the impact on quality and cost of care delivery. Listen to the recording and:

  • Recognize the importance of information technology in driving consumer engagement in health care.
  • Understand the meaningful use guidelines related to consumer engagement.
  • Learn about some of the tools and technology helping consumers navigate the healthcare system, manage their health and wellness, and evaluate care options.
  • Discern the role patients play in helping keep electronic health records and information up-to-date and accurate.
  • Gain insight into the implications for clinicians as consumers more actively utilize electronic tools and technology

The slide deck for this webinar can be retrieved by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button below.