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Webinar Replay: Using a Policy Framework to Foster Provider Practice Transformation

On May 12, 2016, HMA Information Services hosted the webinar, “Using a Policy Framework to Foster Provider Practice Transformation: How the District of Columbia Launched Major Delivery System Change through its Medicaid Health Home Program for Individuals with Serious Mental Illness.”

Many states are looking to health homes to coordinate care and reduce costs for individuals with complex physical and behavioral health needs as well as for individuals with serious and persistent mental health conditions. The District of Columbia is a unique urban environment facing challenges to serve a large Medicaid population with a high prevalence of behavioral health issues. Yet, DC has been a leader in leveraging its health home strategy to drive widespread delivery system transformation – aligning a vision for improved health with policy, payments, and a real-world understanding of the needs and capabilities of providers.

During this webinar, leaders from the DC Departments of Behavioral Health and Health Care Finance describe how they set a course toward integrated care with the structure of the DC health homes, and provide important lessons learned for other states. The webinar also addresses how providers can play an important role during the policy planning process to ensure the effectiveness and feasibility of state initiatives and requirements. Listen to the recording and:

  • Examine a set of important considerations for crafting effective health home policy to drive widespread delivery system transformation.
  • Hear about the process DC used to establish rate structures to ensure provider participation while taking into account variable provider characteristics and the need to ensure improved consumer outcomes.
  • Gain insights into what it takes to attain global buy-in from various constituents and relevant parties, including agencies and behavioral health practices and their executive management teams.
  • Understand the importance of charting a course toward physical and behavioral health integration by aligning with a real-world understanding of provider processes, capabilities and business models at the ground level.

The slide deck for this webinar can be retrieved by clicking the “DOWNLOAD” button below.