On the Horizon – HMA Podcast Series Looks at Medicaid Work Requirements

The February 2018 episode of On the Horizon focuses on Medicaid work requirements. This topic has sparked a lot of interest since CMS recently provided guidance on work requirements, and approved Kentucky’s 1115 waiver. The approval of Kentucky’s waiver marks the first approval of work requirements for Medicaid, and beyond Kentucky, nine other states are … Read More

On the Horizon – HMA Launches Podcast Series with a Look at the California Medicaid Managed Care Procurement

HMA is launching a new series of 15-minute podcasts called On the Horizon, covering timely developments in Medicaid, publicly sponsored healthcare, and other topics important to managed care plans, providers, states, counties, and other healthcare stakeholders. The inaugural episode focuses on the California Medicaid managed care procurement, which encompasses more than 3 million of the … Read More