Andrew Puza
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Andrew Puza

Senior Consultant

The Moran Company

Washington, DC

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A self-motivated healthcare professional, Andrew Puza has established a reputation of reliability, commitment, teamwork and flexibility in fast-paced environments. Andrew has more than a decade of experience in SAS programming, and he specializes in mathematical computation, including statistical analysis, modeling and proofs.

Before joining the Moran Company, an HMA Company, Andrew worked with Health Services Advisory Group, where he held progressive analyst positions. Internally, Andrew improved operations by removing inefficiencies in existing project SAS code and adding in process automation enhancements. He also developed standard practices for a new analytics team that supported the audits department and collaborated with the audits department by taking HEDIS and non-HEDIS core set measure data, comparing rates to benchmarks, comparing previous years submissions, and validating data accuracy across sources.

With clients, he served as the lead analyst on pay for performance programs, running code that modeled outcomes and determining if plans would receive additional funding based on achievement criteria. For state Medicaid agencies, he created scorecards that used plans’ HEDIS and CAHPS rates data to develop performance scores based on outcomes against state averages or national benchmarks.

Leveraging his analytical mindset and technical proficiency, Andrew develops strategic solutions to organizational needs. With UnitedHealthcare, Andrew processed ad hoc requests, manipulating large sets of pharmacy data to examine the impact to plan risk scores and claims not yet substantiated to the state. He tracked affordability initiatives and market claims experience at various levels. For Optumas, Andrew created capitated rate models, incurred but not reported (IBNR) analyses, trend development models, and risk analyses.

Andrew is also a skilled communicator, trusted with leading client needs assessments, gathering resources and presenting his analytic models and solutions to clients, subject matter experts and program stakeholders. Andrew has routinely collaborated across departments and supported colleagues through peer reviews and best practices implementation. He’s also led trainings on topics ranging from introductory technical skills for interns to model demonstrations for established colleagues.

Andrew earned his bachelor’s degree in mathematics from the University of Arizona.