Nehath Sheriff
Nehath Sheriff

Nehath Sheriff


Health Management Associates

Harrisburg, PA

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Nehath Sheriff is dedicated to improving the health and well-being of our communities. Focused on public health, she has a proven track record of identifying solutions to drive health equity initiatives, promote community health, and build sustainable long-term change in collaborative and team-based environments. Her diverse experience spans working with large health systems, Medicaid-managed care organizations, and safety-net/community health programs.

Nehath founded and directed a safety net medical clinic in Redmond, Washington, which she has been leading since 2016. She serves as an expert in community health initiatives, including addressing the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine distribution, developing pop-up health clinics to advance health equity for vulnerable populations, and addressing mental and physical health by leveraging telehealth solutions and trusted intermediaries. She is experienced in communicating with diverse stakeholders and external partners for advancing mutual goals.

Before joining HMA, Nehath was a senior policy analyst at the Brookings Institution’s Center for Economic Studies, where she managed a team on a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded health and economic mobility project. During her time with Brookings, she worked with federal, state, and local level agencies to find sustainable solutions to public health challenges, including innovative solutions to address mental health, refugee and immigrant health outcomes, identifying methods for improving health communication through cultural competency, housing as a hub for health services, older adults and healthy aging, and more.

Prior to Brookings, she was a Medicaid business development consultant and strategically responded to state Medicaid requests for proposals. She wrote plan responses focused on the social determinants of health and population health, which took into consideration each state’s unique community strengths and resources.

Nehath earned a master’s degree in public health with a focus on community oriented primary care from George Washington University. She earned her bachelor’s degree in public health and biology from the University of Washington, and a certificate in neurobiology and behavior from Columbia University.