Nicole Lovitch
Nicole Lovitch

Nicole Lovitch, MPH

Research Associate

Health Management Associates

Boston, MA

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Nicole Lovitch is a skilled generalist researcher with extensive public health and healthcare experience. She has worked with clinicians, providers, hospital executives, integrated health systems, rehabilitation therapists in assisted living homes, and local and state-level departments of health.

Before joining HMA, Nicole worked at the Maine Department of Health and Human Services within their health insurance marketplace office. In her latest role, she supported the office through multiple health policy projects, including researching five states’ Easy Enrollment programs to present implementation and design recommendations and drafting MaineCare, CubCare, Medicare, and Medicaid consumer-facing information. She also identified content and design-related areas for improvement, implemented structural changes, and provided new content for programs like Broker and Maine Enrollment Assister Training Modules.

Nicole has also supported local departments of health during the COVID-19 pandemic, consulting on internal performance improvement initiatives to align with key performance indicators. She has experience in quantitative and qualitative research, market research and segmentation, project management, and strategic planning. Additionally, Nicole has contributed to program design and implementation, community needs assessments, stakeholder engagements, policy and program analysis, quality and performance improvement initiatives, and the development of training materials.

Nicole earned her Master of Public Health with an emphasis in healthcare management and chronic and non-communicable diseases from Boston University and her Bachelor of Arts degree in health behavior science from the University of Delaware.

Nicole is passionate about addressing unmet health needs, improvement opportunities, access to coverage and care, care coordination, chronic disease management, population health, and health disparities, considering herself a mental health and special populations advocate. In her free time, Nicole is a foodie who enjoys weightlifting, adventuring, and solving daily crossword puzzles.