PCMH 2017 Readiness Assessment Tool

PCMH 2017 Readiness Assessment Tool:  Measure Readiness for NCQA PCMH 2017 Concepts

HMA has developed a PCMH 2017 Readiness Assessment Tool, which can be used as a self-assessment tool by a primary care practice, or by their HMA consultant, to assess their current progress toward meeting NCQA PCMH 2017 concepts. This tool allows for a simple Yes/No assessment of each PCMH criteria, and the associated documentation requirements, and seamlessly calculates results to simulate a PCMH score and certification status. In addition, it provides for a detailed drill-down into the practice’s progress toward meeting each criteria, allowing a practice and consultant to readily identify areas where transformation, and assistance in transformation, could be focused.

This tool provides a useful assessment of a practice’s baseline in comparison to PCMH criteria, and can be used on an ongoing basis to track progress toward recognition.

The tool is for private practice use only and all other users, including, without limitation, consultants, are expressly prohibited from using and/or distributing the tool in any manner. In addition, the tool is for informational purposes only and is based solely on the practice’s self-assessment. The score is not an official evaluation of the practice’s ability to achieve NCQA PCMH Recognition or any other goal or standard, and HMA makes no representation or warranty as to the practice’s ability to achieve same. The tool is provided “as is” and without warranties of any kind, either express or implied, all of which HMA hereby disclaims. For the avoidance of doubt, HMA makes no representation or warranty that the tool or the results of its use will meet any requirements or that the user will achieve NCQA PCMH recognition or any other goal or standard based on or as a result of the score and/or use of the tool. Under no circumstances will HMA be liable to the practice or any other person or entity for any damages or injury whatsoever caused by, arising out of or in connection with the tool, use thereof, the score or any other related matter or issue.

Download the PCMH Readiness Tool