Healthcare Workforce

Healthcare Workforce

Challenge: Attending to healthcare workforce needs is critically important as organizations work to combat the COVID-19 epidemic. Normal workforce challenges of supply and workplace conditions are compounded in the fast-paced, high-risk landscape of COVID-19.

Health Care Workforce – COVID-19 Perspective

Healthcare organizations must contend with multiple issues as they work through this pandemic:

  • Keeping their workforce informed and supported through changes
  • Keeping their workforce healthy
  • Attending to home life needs such as childcare and transportation
  • Addressing new HR regulations
  • Helping providers navigate workflow changes in the shifting regulatory policy environment
  • Adopting new technologies (from rapid deployment of relaxed telehealth regulations to telephone-based care management and counseling)
  • Addressing the unique needs of different types of workers—e.g., facility-based providers or those in ambulatory settings

HMA has been supporting clients in addressing these workforce needs for decades, and we are helping organizations adapt their support efforts in these rapidly changing times.

Keeping abreast of workforce needs: Keeping up with the onslaught of new policies, information and best practices is difficult, but necessary for organizational leadership across the healthcare spectrum.

Adapting to new policies: Policymakers are seeking and receiving approval for new ways of providing healthcare services. Payers, provider organizations, regulators and others must absorb information rapidly and integrate it into existing policies and procedures that are appropriate to the healthcare setting and service type.

Ensuring provider supply: Shortages will continue to be a challenge in every provider type. HMA is continuously cataloging innovative ideas for supporting the workforce during the current crisis and the impending surge in public program enrollment that may follow.

At Health Management Associates, we have the contacts and expertise to best help you navigate the COVID-19 landscape. Check back regularly for more information or contact us for help on attending to your workforce’s needs.

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