LTSS Providers & Nursing Homes

Long-Term Services and Supports (LTSS) Providers and Nursing Homes

Challenge: Long-term services and supports providers, including nursing homes, are at the nexus of this epidemic. They face the dual challenges of an at-risk population and a workforce suddenly faced with health threats and increased family pressures, such as school closures.

Social distancing is currently the primary method of stopping the spread of COVID-19. This is not always possible when attending to the needs of people with complex chronic conditions, those with social support needs and/or disabilities, and those who live in nursing facilities or group living environments.

LTSS/Nursing Home Needs During COVID-19

LTSS providers must continue to address the already challenging topics exacerbated by the complexities of COVID-19, such as:

  • Addressing staffing needs and planning, including for patient supervision
  • Understanding the difficulties of the LTSS workforce (e.g., childcare for children home from school)
  • Providing enhanced infection control, requiring extraordinary measures
  • Enhancing communications with family and patient representatives
  • Understanding the latest medical science about the causes and treatment of the virus and translating to practice
  • Understanding and implementing new screening tools
  • Managing community communications and public relations

Addressing the Unfolding Needs of LTSS Providers and Nursing Homes

HMA has been supporting the unique needs of LTSS providers and nursing homes for decades. We are adapting our tools to the current environment in real time and supporting payers and providers as they navigate the COVID-19 response.

At HMA, we have the contacts and expertise to best help you navigate this rapidly changing landscape. Let us help you today.

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