HMA makes the road to AAAHC accreditation smoother.

The Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) is the leading accreditation service focusing exclusively on ambulatory healthcare. Striving for AAAHC accreditation puts continuous improvement at the center of your organization’s culture. Achieving AAAHC accreditation helps attract elite healthcare talent, and allows your organization to qualify for Medicare and Medicaid certification without undergoing separate federal and state regulatory inspections.

HMA’s team of consultants has in-depth experience with AAAHC accreditation; team members include current, active AAAHC surveyors as well as former Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) employees.

At any stage of the accreditation process, we can help you, providing whatever level of support you need.

AAAHC accreditations focus primarily on three areas: Health Plans, Surgical Centers, and Primary Care Providers. Within these areas, many types of organizations may take advantage of AAAHC accreditation and certification:

  • Health Plans
  • Surgical Centers:
    • Ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs)
    • Endoscopy centers
    • Office-based anesthesia organizations
    • Office-based surgery centers and practices
    • Oral and maxillofacial offices
    • Podiatry practices
    • Surgical recovery centers
  • Primary Care Providers:
    • Ambulatory health care clinics
    • College and university health centers
    • Community health centers
    • Dental group practices
    • Diagnostic imaging center
    • Federally Qualified Community Health Centers
    • Independent physician associations (IPAs)
    • Lithotripsy centers
    • Medical Home organizations
    • Military health care facilities
    • Multispecialty group practices
    • Pain management centers
    • Radiation oncology centers
    • Single specialty group practices
    • Urgent or immediate care centers
    • Women’s health centers

AAAHC offers a range of accreditations and certifications. HMA has extensive experience with all of them and is ready to prepare you for accreditation success.

Consult the chart below to determine which programs might pertain to your organization.

We can guide you from A to Z for AAAHC accreditation.

Through our survey-ready approach, we help ambulatory care organizations optimize operations to achieve AAAHC-level standards, every day. Whether you need guidance from A to Z or just from Q to S, you can count on HMA.

We can help you:

  • Determine eligibility and readiness for accreditation
  • Navigate the pre-application and application process
  • Track activities throughout the entire survey cycle to identify quality gaps 
  • Close those gaps to make your organization survey ready    
  • Educate and train staff members
  • Prepare the necessary documentation
  • Get ready for an onsite survey
  • Create policies and procedures that will ensure ongoing survey readiness and compliance after accreditation 
  • Achieve success with accreditation/certification or reaccreditation/recertification

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Need assistance with other accreditations? The HMA team is well-versed in all these programs, including:

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