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HMA colleagues, report examines cost of stemming gun violence

In a new report, “Cost Estimate for Federal Funding for Gun Violence Research and Data Infrastructure,” HMA colleagues were engaged by Arnold Ventures and the Joyce Foundation, to examine the cost to fund research and create a data infrastructure aimed at reducing gun violence. Each organization had previously released separate, but complimentary, reports outlining recommendations to stem gun violence in the United States.

This research and final cost estimate found the federal government would need to spend nearly $600 million over the next five years in order to close the gun violence information gap and provide sufficient resources to conduct appropriate research and collect and share comprehensive, transparent data to help policymakers and lawmakers address and solve gun violence.

HMA colleagues Catherine Guerrero, Zach Gaumer, Jay Shannon, Cindy Zeldin, and Yamini Narayan contributed to the research and final report.

During a webinar on Wednesday, July 14, a panel of experts including Dr. Shani Buggs, Zach Gaumer, and Dr. John Roman, shared their perspectives on report and discuss key issues in gun violence prevention research, data infrastructure and federal investment needed to close the current policy research gap.

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