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Medicaid Business Transformation DC: Recommendations for Technical Assistance

HMA was engaged by the Washington, District of Columbia Department of Health Care Finance (DHCF) to lead their Medicaid Business Transformation D.C. Initiative, assessing the technical assistance needs of Medicaid providers and organizations in the areas of legal analysis, budgeting, and business development as they move toward value-based care arrangements. HMA partnered with the D.C. Behavioral Health Association (BHA), Medical Society of the District of Columbia (MSDC), D.C. Primary Care Association (DCPCA), and DHCF to engage, recruit, and collaborate with organizations and stakeholders across the District.

The HMA team implemented a mixed-methods assessment approach that included a literature review of national value-based payment (VBP) best practices, focus groups, interviews, and a technical assistance (TA) survey of District organizations, agencies, and stakeholders. This strategy identified the TA needs of   District healthcare providers that informed the design of an intensive 3-month technical assistance program that included a variety of tools, webinars, and trainings. All resources and tools are available on the Integrated Care DC webpage.  The report and other information about the program were published this week at

Experts from HMA as well as Wakely Consulting Group and Lovell Communications, both HMA subsidiaries, contributed to this report. We offer our clients a wide range of deep technical, analytical, policy, and communications support to providers, state agencies, and recommendations on ways to improve value-based payment models.

Report authors include Caitlin Thomas-Henkel, Suzanne Daub, Art Jones, Hunter Schouweiler, Amanda White Kanaley, and Vicki Loner. It was peer reviewed by Jean Glossa and Sam DiPaola.


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