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Webinar Replay: Personal Responsibility & Community Engagement in Medicaid

Policy, Implementation and Operations

This webinar was held on May 17, 2018.

A growing number of state Medicaid agencies are developing initiatives aimed at achieving broader social goals not previously emphasized in Medicaid, including most notably the introduction of community engagement requirements. Personal responsibility initiatives in Medicaid are not new, but today there is intense state and national focus on leveraging these initiatives as a component of coverage for the non-disabled adult Medicaid expansion population.

During this webinar, state policy experts from HMA Medicaid Market Solutions provided an overview of existing Medicaid personal responsibility initiatives and discussed what tools state and industry leaders need to navigate implementation and operation of these unique programs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn why states are stressing personal responsibility as a key social determinant of health, including a look at the policy decision-making process states go through when considering community engagement and other personal responsibility initiatives.
  2. Discover the key components in the design of a personal responsibility 1115 waiver program, including the complexities of translating policy into actual practice.
  3. Understand administrative hurdles and information technology challenges that can occur when implementing community engagement strategies.
  4. Gain key insights into how to integrate personal responsibility policies into existing Medicaid operations, including examples of how other states accomplished this.

HMA Medicaid Market Solutions Speakers

  • Kaitlyn Feiock, Senior Consultant (Indianapolis)
  • Amanda Schipp, Senior Consultant (Indianapolis)

Who Should Listen
This webinar was designed for state officials and staff; executives of Medicaid managed care plans; Medicaid systems and operational vendors and stakeholders; clinical and administrative leadership of health systems; behavioral health providers; federally qualified health centers; and other provider organizations trying to understand the emerging trend toward personal responsibility waivers in Medicaid.

View the webinar slides here: HMA Webinar 5-17-2018