Briefs & Reports

Report Provides Indigent Healthcare Community Investment Analysis for Florida County

In late 2017, the Marion County Hospital District commissioned a study to define the medically indigent, identify the current volume and costs of healthcare for the medically indigent population in Marion County, describe the providers that comprise the health care safety net, summarize the investments made in the health care safety net, outcomes of this … Read More

Four Briefs Examine New Home and Community-Based Services Settings Rules

The federal Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) promulgated regulations in 2014 which established standards for the settings in which Medicaid-reimbursed home and community-based services (HCBS) may be provided (42 C.F.R. § 441.301). These regulations also pertain to the settings in which individuals who receive HCBS may reside, even if the Medicaid HCBS are … Read More

Preliminary Look at Key Healthcare Proposals in 32 States from Governors’ Proposed Budgets for SFY 2019

The preliminary report presents key healthcare proposals from governors’ proposed state budget documents for state fiscal year (SFY) 2019, state-of-the-state speeches, news reports, and other budget-related documents, based on a review of these materials by the Kaiser Family Foundation and Health Management Associates. Proposed budgets reflect the priorities of the governor and are often blueprints … Read More

Report Examines Emerging Innovations in Managed Long-Term Services and Supports for Family Caregivers

The paper—co-written by the AARP Public Policy Institute and Health Management Associates—highlights examples of how progressive managed care plans are supporting family caregivers who are caring for plan members with LTSS needs. The purpose of this paper is for plan administrators, policymakers, and community-based organizations to learn from one another and ultimately adopt these practices, … Read More

Report Provides Analysis and Technical Assistance on Oklahoma’s Section 1332 Waiver

This report was prepared by HMA and Leavitt Partners for the Oklahoma State Department of Health. During the 2016 session, Oklahoma’s legislature enacted Senate Bill (SB) 1386, which authorized the development of a Section 1332 State Innovation Waiver. The goals of the legislation were to improve healthcare quality and access in the state while reducing … Read More

Medicaid and Social Determinants of Health: Adjusting Payment and Measuring Health Outcomes

With the support of State Health and Value Strategies, Ellen Breslin and Anissa Lambertino of Health Management Associates, in partnership with Dennis Heaphy of the Disability Policy Consortium and Tony Dreyfus, prepared a recently released issue brief “Medicaid and Social Determinants of Health: Adjusting Payment and Measuring Health Outcomes.” This brief answers two key questions … Read More