Value-Based Payment Readiness Assessment Tool

Value-Based Payment Readiness Assessment Tool

Health Management Associates (HMA) can help behavioral health provider organizations better understand how to move forward with value-based payment (VBP). We understand the detailed steps to help you focus on value, change payment structures, adapt clinical and operation workflows, and prepare and train your workforce to improve quality.

VBP Readiness Assessment Tool

HMA’s VBP Readiness Assessment is meticulously crafted to gauge your organization’s preparedness across six pivotal domains of core functions necessary for successful participation in payment reform models. These domains encompass measuring outcomes, evaluating board and leadership readiness, assessing technological capabilities for capturing and sharing data, gauging partnerships, payer engagement strategies, and financial alignment.

Our 12-item survey, strategically structured around these critical aspects, offers a detailed examination of your organization’s strengths and areas for growth. By providing insights into these domains, our assessment becomes a powerful guide, helping your organization make informed decisions and implement targeted actions. From enhancing measurement of outcomes to fostering effective partnerships and achieving financial alignment, our tool empowers your organization to navigate the complexities of value-based payment with confidence and success.

Our tool is not just a promise but a practical solution to assess your current organizational readiness, providing valuable insights to focus your attention toward the next level of value.

The versatility of our tool extends to various levels within your organization, accommodating completion by the entire organization, specific teams, or individuals. According to existing clients who have used the tool, maximum value is derived when the full team completes the assessment individually. This allows an aggregated response and can identify differences in viewpoint on readiness. Following completion, our process includes a comprehensive calibration session with the whole team. This session serves as a dynamic forum to understand similarities in perspectives and engage in discussions where responses vary. The collaborative discussion allows the team to triangulate their collective position on the VBP spectrum, fostering a deeper understanding of their organizational readiness.

The insights derived from this calibration session not only enhance team cohesion but also contribute to a more nuanced and accurate assessment of where your organization stands, further informing strategic decisions and ensuring a harmonized transition to a value-based healthcare model. Upon completion, you will receive a brief analysis of where you sit on the VBP spectrum, and recommendations on next steps to progress implementing a VBP system that works for your organization. The ultimate goal is to support your strategic decisions.



No Cost

Assessment tool

Analysis for 1 response

Report Card of Aggregated Results

Calibration Session

Strategic Recommendations

Recommended for Individuals



Assessment tool

Analysis of multiple responses

Report Card of Aggregated Results

Calibration Session

Strategic Recommendations

Recommended for Organizations



Core Package

8-10 Provider/Site Deep-Dive Assessments

Report of cross- organizational themes

Workplan with Milestone Grid

Full reassessment in
6-12 months

Recommended for Health Plans/States/IPAs

*Dependent on number of providers/sites under assessment


A La Carte

Deep assessment and Gap Analysis of deficit areas

Organizational convening


Strategic workplans

Expert consulting

additional Add Ons

HMA has years of experience helping provider organizations, associations, health plans, and states design and implement value-based payment models that incentivize improved quality and outcomes. Designing payment models that focus on value instead of volume is one of the most important—and most complex—aspects of healthcare reform. From care coordination fees to capitation, we’ve helped providers and health plans of all sizes maximize opportunity and chart a path to success.

Our value-based payment expertise includes:

Helping health plans devise meaningful strategies that create value for their providers through support mechanisms that help them achieve financial success.

Working with providers to determine the value-based model best suited for them.

Negotiating provider-plan contracting.

Developing meaningful and demonstrable quality metrics for alternative payment models.

Assessing opportunities and managing financial risk.

Designing care structures that create clinical and financial integration.

Creating clinical improvements to improve care and earn financial incentives.

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