Community Strategies

Building healthier communities, one partner at a time: HMA Community Strategies.

Many of the most persistent gaps, disparities and inefficiencies in healthcare have roots that stretch beyond the boundaries of the traditional healthcare system. They’re the result of social issues like food access, exposure to violence and discrimination, lack of housing and transportation and employment and income disparity. These problems have profound effects on the efficiency, effectiveness and quality of care. And we know that people, organizations and communities will be healthier if we take a broader role in solving them.

That’s why we formed HMA Community Strategies (HMACS). Our team brings years of expertise in policy analysis, government, strategic planning, organizational development and other key areas. They’re seasoned experts in research and evaluation. They’re also skilled at developing partnerships and engaging stakeholders from across the community. They’ll work hard to help you build brighter futures for your business, for those you serve and for the communities we all call home. HMACS areas of expertise include:

  • Planning and developing policy for community health, including linking community-based organizations and traditional healthcare entities to improve overall health
  • Addressing healthcare disparities among the underserved
  • Finding and creating housing solutions
  • Developing programs for disconnected populations
  • Addressing LGBT-specific issues