New challenges. New possibilities.

The Affordable Care Act provides states with unprecedented opportunities to update healthcare purchasing and delivery system strategies to better meet the needs of enrollees, payers and providers. It has also created new funding streams for the design and testing of new models including medical homes, risk-based provider payment, interconnectivity and business processes. To help states make the most of these new possibilities, we’ve put together the most comprehensive team of Medicaid experts in the industry. Whatever your role, whatever your needs, they’ll work with you to get results.

Our team is made up of former state Medicaid directors, hospital and health plan executives and senior officials from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and public health systems. Our expertise includes:

  • Planning and implementation of Medicaid reform initiatives
  • Transforming delivery system and care management
  • Evaluating legislation and policy changes
  • Developing policy
  • Writing proposals for federal funding
  • Implementing budget initiatives
  • Aligning Medicaid and CHIP programs
  • Improving service delivery
  • Expanding coverage through waivers
  • Evaluating Medicaid reimbursement for provider services
  • Advancing Medicaid pharmacy projects

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