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Better Medicaid decisions start here: HMA Information Services.

Staying on top of government-sponsored healthcare programs like Medicaid is a full-time job. And that makes HMA Information Services a vital tool for organizations like yours. Our research team works all day every day to gather the latest news and information and deliver it to you in a timely, concise format.

HMA Information Services is a subscription-based service that provides an unparalleled breadth and depth of Medicaid data that’s important to you. HMA Information Services also includes a wide variety of public documents like state Medicaid RFPs, health plan responses, scoring sheets and model contracts. You can also enjoy free content like HMA Weekly Roundup and webinars covering a wide variety of topics.

HMA Information Services: Your ultimate resource for Medicaid knowledge

A subscription to HMA Information Services is the ultimate reference tool for Medicaid information including:

  • State-by-state overviews
  • The latest Medicaid managed care enrollment, market share, financial performance and utilization data
  • Instant online access to ready-to-use charts, graphs and Excel files
  • Up-to-date RFP calendars
  • A comprehensive public documents database


Carl Mercurio

New York, NY

Lissete Diaz

Research Assistant
New York, NY

Alona Nenko

Senior Consultant
New York, NY


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