Care management

With healthcare providers taking on more risk and new requirements like the Chronic Care Management (CCM) fee, care management is taking center stage. Our care management training team has spent years developing practical methods for identifying patients in need of interventions, building effective care plans, utilizing face-to-face consultation and developing reliable ways to track results.

Our team of providers, nurses and behavioral health clinicians are trained and ready to help you put a care management model in place and bring new tools, skills and confidence to your clinical team. Our care management resources include:

  • Training your team with customized courses that fit the needs and focus of your practice
  • Assessing your current care management program, including caseloads and staffing types, tools and protocols used, metrics for process and impact on outcomes
  • Building team-based care approaches and instituting new workflows and tools to support good team care management such as huddles and communication techniques
  • Training primary and specialty care nurses with our two-day on-site chronic care management training, covering topics such as:
    • Use of assessments for identifying patients in need of care management
    • Development of new workflows and tools to support care management, such as registry tracking and care plans
    • Learning soft skills such as motivational interviewing and self-management