Clinical Services

Putting ideas into action.

HMA is fortunate to have on our senior staff a distinguished array of physicians, nurses, advanced practice nurses and behavioral health therapists. These Clinical Services staff members have all practiced direct patient care, and many continue to do so while working at HMA. In addition, they have gained vast experience in former roles as:

  • Health system executives (Chief Medical Officers, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Operating Officers)
  • Medical and behavioral health specialists
  • Health plan medical directors
  • Advanced practice nurse leaders
  • Correctional health experts
  • Directors of academic departments and training programs
  • State health and Medicaid clinical chiefs
  • Clinician members of health system, health plan and association boards

Direct caregiver experience makes these colleagues indispensable to healthcare transformation. We believe that any attempt to transform healthcare based on finance or reorganization of management is likely to fail if it does not also address the needs of the clinicians delivering the care. And no one knows these needs better than our team.

What HMA can do for you.

Our clinicians work in multidisciplinary teams assembled specifically for each project. Through these teams, HMA provides a wide array of services:

  • Redesigning, organizing and transforming clinical care
  • Implementing innovations and evidence-based approaches to providing value-based healthcare
  • Recruiting and training a capable, competent and culturally sensitive workforce
  • Aligning payment and incentives to support value-based care and outcomes
  • Understanding and fostering emerging clinical developments in healthcare transformation