Data Analytics

The right data. The right place. The right time.

There’s no shortage of data on healthcare. The key is to have the right data, analyzed and translated into meaningful insights that can help you make better decisions. The HMA analytics team has worked with government agencies, health plans, foundations, advocacy organizations and providers on:

  • Building models, methods and data management systems for efficient and effective data collection and analysis
  • Designing and developing tools and systems to collect, visualize and present data
  • Performing creative and credible analyses of large, complex, multidimensional data and presenting key findings to diverse audiences
  • Building online dashboards and other mechanisms for presenting, visualizing and providing access to synthesized data
  • Evaluating design and effectiveness for proposed or existing data management systems

HMA Analytics has handled a wide variety of projects that span the healthcare space. Some specific examples of projects we have taken on in the past include:

  • Modeling the potential impact of program changes on utilization and costs for a national Medicaid health plan
  • Creating a web-based data dashboard for a large state prison system that helps them track service, utilization and expenditures
  • Building a total cost of care modeling application to project the impact of a proposed insurance coverage program

For organizations looking to transform healthcare, the HMA analytics team can transform data into accurate, clear and concise reports with relevant results and actionable recommendations.

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