Medicaid waivers

States that want to test new Medicaid care delivery models can apply for a Medicaid waiver from the federal government. These waivers grant special permission to temporarily implement methods that don’t conform to federal Medicaid standards. They’re an important way for states to innovate and build better models of care. But successfully navigating the waiver process can be difficult; it requires a deep knowledge of the waiver process itself, the intricacies of healthcare delivery and the legislative landscape.

The HMA team includes experts in all three areas. We have years of experience helping states across the country navigate the process and implement waivers that get the right results. Our waiver expertise includes:

  • Consulting on proposal design to help states determine the type of waiver that meets their needs and draft a proposal with the ingredients for success
  • Assistance with strategy and negotiation that helps states successfully navigate the complexities of the waiver application process
  • Providing implementation strategy and tactics to both states and providers, payers and others who are impacted by waivers

We’ve assisted states with a wide variety of waiver types, including sections 1115, 1915, 1915(i), 1915(k) and 1332.