Health Information Technology and Health Information Exchange

Health Information Technology and Health Information Exchange

HMA’s approach to providing ACOs and CPs with technical assistance in the Health Information Technology (HIT)/Health Information Exchange (HIE) domain builds on our extensive experience supporting providers who need to build or modify IT infrastructure to accommodate payment reform-driven changes.

HMA and our HIT/HIE Domain team members have worked with MassHealth providers as they have begun assessing their IT readiness, needs, and infrastructure in anticipation of ACO participation. Our team has also worked with a wide range of similar accountable entities on comparable issues across the country, including in the context of State Innovation Model initiatives, various medical and health home models, and ACOs. HMA has developed an Accountable Care IT Framework (ACIF), which is a methodology and toolset that enables providers to build up their IT infrastructure to meet accountable care requirements. Designed to guide systematic IT requirements analysis and strategic planning, the ACIF offers concept diagrams and reference guides that illustrate and prioritize integrated business and IT functions necessary for successful transition to being or working within an ACO. HMA also can, within the ACIF, provide an IT capability assessment methodology and toolset that can be used to produce an IT capability blueprint and an accountable care IT plan.

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Meet Our Team

The HMA HIT Domain Team, which is led by Tom Dehner, includes local and national experts with experience working to support the HIT needs of provider organizations. Our team is also very familiar with the challenges – at a state and provider level – of working with HIEs.

Missy Garrity MBA, PMP

Associate Principal Health Management Associates
Boston, MA

Matt McGeorge MHA

Managing Principal Health Management Associates
Harrisburg, PA

Amanda Ternan PMP

Principal Health Management Associates
Austin, TX

Laura Zaremba

Principal Health Management Associates
Chicago, IL

View Our Recent Work in Health Information Technology and Health Information Exchange

Strategic and Operational Planning Support for MA CHC

  • Project Challenge or Goals: Assist a multi-site CHC in achieving readiness for MassHealth ACO program
  • Project Period: January 2016 – January 2017 (for primary scope of work; project remains active)
  • Project Description: A contract to improve CHC’s readiness to accept Alternative Payment Methods, focusing on both its clinical and financial processes, data and analytics capabilities, associated required workflows, and related information system change.
  • Project Achievements: HMA provided an evaluation of the current environment, a gap analysis, and supported implementation of an approved work plan

Urban Institute: Technical Assistance to States on Medicaid EHR Incentive Program

  • Project Challenge or Goals: Support Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and state Medicaid agencies to implement the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program
  • Project Period: 2011 to present
  • Project Description: As subcontractor to the Urban Institute, HMA provides analysis, training, and technical assistance to states implementing the Medicaid EHR Incentive Program for Medicaid providers
  • Project Achievements: Since 2011, HMA has been facilitating topic-specific communities of practice (focusing, for example, on clinical quality measures or meaningful use standards), and has provided technical assistance tools (for example, fact sheets, checklists, or best practices reports) to CMS and states to address areas where participating providers need help from states to implement the EHR program. HMA has convened up to three quarterly Communities of Practice each year and also participates in regional meetings and state-specific site visits to address program challenges

Business and Strategic Planning: Population Health Technology Company

  • Project Challenge or Goals: Assess population health technology platform and identify business opportunities and a business plan for working with ACOs or other partners
  • Project Period: February 2018 – present
  • Project Description: A contract to assess organization’s technology and care management model focused on population health and social determinants of health, with a focus on identifying appropriate partners
  • Project Achievements: HMA assessed the population health technology platform, provided an analysis of competitors in the market and the local and national environmental context, and is in the process of producing a strategic/business plan for advancing the mission of the organization